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Know brand and agency prospects in 15 seconds flat.

On average, personality insights result in a 6% increase in deals won.

What deals could you have saved just by knowing who you're dealing with and which landmines to avoid? Get the intel you need to become a no-brainer choice in your prospect's eyes.

Navigate Landmines

Sick of getting ghosted? Let us craft outreach FOR you with our AI writing assistant, Winmo Compose, powered by personality insights.

Users who rely on personality insights see an increased response rate of 233%. 

Craft Effective Outreach

Get to know a prospect better than your competition in less than 20 seconds. 

You'll know what makes a buyer tick, how to get their attention, and be able to interpret their general demeanor during the sales process.

Understand Your Buyer

Winmo's Personality Insights Allow You to:


powered by

personality             insights

Budget-holders responsible for $100 billion in marketing spend, plus brand-agency relationships and alerts on buying signals you won't find anywhere else.

All in Winmo's Award-Winning Platform

Put it to the test on your top prospects

Know Brand and Agency Prospects in 15 Seconds Flat

You Find the Prospect

Create a list of ideal prospects in seconds with Winmo's robust database and granular search.

We Craft Your Outreach

Take the power of personality a step further with Winmo Compose, our AI writing assistant

You Secure the Deal

You're a salesperson, not a researcher. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can secure the win!

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