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Know brand and agency prospects in 15 seconds flat.

On average, personality insights result in a 6% increase in deals won.

What deals could you have saved just by knowing who you're dealing with and which landmines to avoid? Get the intel you need to become a no-brainer choice in your prospect's eyes.

Navigate Landmines

Sick of getting ghosted? Leverage communication tips to craft effective, creative, and even emotional outreach likely to get a response.

Users who rely on personality insights see an increased response rate of 233%. 

Craft Effective Outreach

Get to know a prospect better than your competition in less than 20 seconds. 

You'll know what makes a buyer tick, how to get their attention, and be able to interpret their general demeanor during the sales process.

Understand Your Buyer

Winmo's Personality Insights Allow You to:


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Budget-holders responsible for $100 billion in marketing spend, plus brand-agency relationships and alerts on buying signals you won't find anywhere else.

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